The First Supper II

James Polk to James Garfield

Our next ten presidents were more of seafood eaters. French cuisine was entering the palettes of high society. No state dinner would be complete without plenty of oysters, clams, and chowder. Andrew Johnson however choose to go a different route. His popcorn parties stole the show.

James Polk 11th: corn pone and tomato ommelettes

Zachary Taylor 12th: Calas-Tous-Chauds

Millard Fillmore 13th: beef stew

Franklin Pierce 14th: rolls, fried clams, chowder, sesame seed cookies

James Buchanan 15th: oysters, jellies, ice cream, mutton, venison, ham

Abraham Lincoln 16th: apples, biscuits, eggs

Andrew Johnson 17th: popcorn, roasted apples, duck, turkey, sweet potatoes

Ulysses S. Grant 18th: broiled mackeral, steak, bacon, fried apples, flannel cakes, roast beef, wheat bread, boiled hominy, rice pudding

Rutherford B. Hayes 19th: cornmeal buttercakes

James Garfield 20th: squirrel soup

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