The First Supper

Washington to John Tyler

Our first ten presidents were in to more gamey foods. They loved to eat all kinds of foul from chicken to pigeon. Thomas Jefferson our third sitting president introduced macaroni and ice cream to the states. Two foods that are still favorites till this day.

George Washington 1st: icecream, fish, cherries, cherry pie, hoe cakes (pancake made with corn), mashed sweet potatoes, string beans with almonds, steak and kidney pie, tipsy cake, and whisky cake

John Adams 2nd: pickled cucumbers, kale & onions, boiled potatoes, duck, ham, gingerbread, cakes, tarts, jellies,

Thomas Jefferson 3rd: macaroni, vanilla ice cream, fish, veggies

James Madison 4th: fish, nuts, fruits, mutton

James Monroe 5th: hot breads, biscuits, fried chicken with rice, tomatoes with eggs, molasses cookies, sponge cake, cheese cake, sugar cookies

John Quincy Adams 6th: crackers and fruit

Andrew Jackson 7th: rabbit, oysters, green beans with bacon, duck, goose, fried apple pie, fried ham

Martin Van Buren 8th: boars head, oysters, fruit

William H. Harrison 9th: cornbread, cheese, squirrel stew

John Tyler 10th: Omelets, spring chicken, pigeons and woodcock, ham and eggs, salmon, beefsteaks, kidneys boiled eggs, young duck, pudding

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