Despicable Me

Directors: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud

Writers: Cinco Paul (screenplay), Ken Daurio (screenplay), Sergio Pablos (story)

cast: Steve Carell: Gru
Jason Segel: Vector
Russell Brand: Dr. Nefario
Julie Andrews: Gru's Mom
Will Artnett: Mr. Perkins
Kristen Wiig: Miss Hattie
Miranda Cosgrove: Margo
Dana Gaier: Edith
Elsie Fisher: Agnes
Pierre Coffin: (minions) Tim, Bob, Mark, Phil, Stuart
Chris Renaud: Dave the Minion
Jermaine Clement: Jerry the Minion
Jack McBrayer: Carnival Barker/ Tourist Dad
Danny McBride: Fred McDade
Mindy Kaling: Tourist Mom

Plot: Gru, who is considered the world's numero uno villain has a dream. He wants to go to the moon. And with the help of his pal Dr. Naffario and a flock of loyal minions that's exactly what he'll do. But not before his whole life gets turned inside out by a few girls looking to sell him some cookies, and a young villain named Vector, whose looking to claim his super villain title.

Review: What do I think about this movie? "Freeze ray!" A good sign that a movie is worth watching is how much people talk about it. And that's what me and my wife have been doing all day. This isn't our first time watching "Despicable Me", and it has yet to get old. There's just so much to love about this movie. If you have kids then you should definitely see this movie with them. And if you don't have kids then you should still watch this movie. I love the demented humor of Gru. It blends so well with the cuteness of little Agnes and the innocence of the mischievous minions. I want some minions. As a matter of fact "Now Hiring: Minions (all positions).

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