The First Supper III

Chester A. Arthur to Calvin Coolidge

Presidents twenty one through thirty kept the seafood diet in the white house, but introduced what is considered today the soul food of American cuisine. Big breakfast meals including bacon, waffles, and potatoes. And dinners which included steak and pork chops. William Taft had a wide range of tastes from bonbons to turtle soup.

Chester A. Arthur 21st: oatmeal, fish, fruit, Rhode Island Eels, mutton chop, roast beef, baked potatoes, salmon

Grover Cleveland 22nd and 24th: corned beef and cabbage, oatmeal, beefsteak, eggs, pork chops

Benjamin Harrison 23nd: oysters, stuffed turkey roast, cranberry jelly, Duchess potatoes, ice cream, corn soup, biscuits

William McKinley 25th: eggs, hot breads, potatoes, steak, pork chops, boiled fish, Red Flannel Hash, Lobster salad

Theodore Roosevelt 26th: hard boiled eggs, rolls, steak, cookies, kidney stew, Indian pudding, bacon, oysters, liver

William Howard Taft 27th: grapfruit, venison, waffles, rolls, bacon, lamb chops, salted almonds, bonbons, lobster stew, salmon, ham, pudding, turtle soup, mussel soup, ham, peach salad, possum with potatoes

Woodrow wilson 28th: chicken salad, ham, peach cobbler, eggs, biscuits, ice cream, white cake

Warren G. Harding 29th: chicken pie, knockwurst with sauerkraut, grapefruit, scrambled eggs, bacon, wheat cakes, corn muffins, toast

Calvin Coolidge 30th: roast beef, pickles, chicken, pork apple pie, cornmeal muffins

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