Ray Charles is Alive

ray charles robinson
This isn't a funny post or a meme. Just wanted to show my support for a Ray Charles hologram. If anyone deserves to be iconized in a hologram it's Mr. Ray Charles. He was truly an entertainer for everyone no matter what your skin color. There are a lot of black performers out there that are frankly just a disgrace to their race. They make them look ghetto trashy. It's not a black thing to be trashy. It's a trashy thing to be trashy. Ray Charles had class and style and true talent. I do like some of Tupac's music, but let's face it. He didn't live up to his words. He was a womanizer and thug (that's not a good thing). Ray Charles banging away on the piano signing "I Got A Woman" Now there's a show everyone needs to see. 

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