Meanwhile In Japan

You know, I've never been to Japan before (unless you count running through the Tokyo airport), but I like it. I like the customs and traditions there. I like the old architecture and all it's history. There's just so much to like. I've heard good and bad about Japan, and I know they can be a bit snobby (but luckily not as snobby as the French). And Japanese can make fun of themselves. Anyone that can make fun of themselves has a sense of humor and isn't all that bad. So here's some meanwhile in Japan pics, and maybe one day I will be able to visit. Emperor get my room ready.

cosplay everyday

naked foreigners 

those 2 are going to make it

don't hate because he's got money...okay he sucks

godzirra loves the water

wtf happened here?

i'm not a hardcore star wars fan, but this is awesome

wow. no words.

the cat's like just tell me where the food is

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