Meme Fail

Last night while I was wide awake at 3 in the morning I decided to join the meme creators club. I thought it should be easy since there's a lot of really stupid memes out there that get really popular. But I wanted to go epic.
I wanted to make meme nerds go flipping coocoo for (yeah). So I decided to make a meme using the father of the internet Vint Cerf. If you don't know who Vint Cerf is then just Google it. So I made a few memes like the one above on the site When I checked this morning I expected to see some buzz. Nothing.  No one cares. So I'm out of the meme game. I'll add my captions and that's it. I just wasn't meant to be a meme master.

vint cerf memes

P.s.- by the way you tried to keep me from copying my own image from your site. It's called print screen. doh! 


  1. Cool Story Bro.

  2. Wow you print screened out? View source noob :p

  3. right click was disabled. obviously if i could right click to view source then i could probably just save the image