Hipsters Will Rob You

don't bother with haircut, but perfectly groomed mustache

Now I don't want to say "I told you so" but um.. (i did) I was wandering around the interwebs looking for something to put up here on this blog, because I really need more visitors. (forever alone). And I came upon this story about hipsters in court.
According to The Look on Today's website (damn that's a long address) defendants in court are now donning fake glasses in an attempt to trick juries into sympathizing with them. Show No Mercy! Here's a quote..

"Donning a pair of spectacles while on trial seems to be a new trend in courtroom accessories, with one lawyer even calling it the “nerd defense,” according to Attorneys say that they sometimes supply the glasses to their clients, or inmates trade them before hearings. The frames are also known to be dropped off before a defendant’s court date during jailhouse visits by friends and family."

The story then goes on  to talk about how celebrities like Woody Allen wear them, and some other useless information. But anyway. You get my point. Watch out for hipsters.

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