Diamond Armor

A diamond is created when an object with carbon is put under really intense pressure. This usually takes millions of years. Thus one of the reasons they are so expensive. However a team of scientists headed by Tracy Hall,( working under GE: general electric) found a way to create diamonds in a matter of hours, with one hell of a press. These synthetic diamonds are the real deal. Under inspection they match up to their costly counter parts perfectly (including strength). Even certified diamond inspectors cannot tell them apart. The only difference is price. Synthetic diamonds are priced higher than a fake diamond such as cubic zirconia, but half the price of a geo-diamond. Any object that contains carbon can be put into the press to create a diamond (finally we can get rid of those landfills).
Now that I've given you a quicky on synthetic diamonds let me get to the point. The point is what if this technology was used to create diamond armor. No I don't mean stick a bunch of diamonds on a shirt rhinestone cowboy style. Basically it would be diamond-Kevlar suits. Think about how strong a diamond is. Its the hardest substance known to exist. Modern projectile resistant armor (Kevlar) does a decent job of protecting people, but it has many flaws, and is not 100% in saving lives. The stronger they make the Kevlar, the stronger the bullets get. Also the current armor is bulky, making it hard to perform tasks, and it slows the wearer down, making them vulnerable.
Kevlar suits are fibers that are crisscrossed at many different angles, on several layers. Which makes it really strong. If you did that with diamonds you could make a lighter suit, as it would take way less layers, and it would be many many many times stronger.
To create the suit you would need to put a fitting on the press that you could use to make diamond thread. The thread could then be woven just as the Kevlar armor is. Diamonds obviously aren't very flexible, so other materials would have to be woven into the suit. Or another application for this material would be for armored vehicles. Military, or citizen.

Well just something to think about (powers that be). If I had the money I would make some. Would save lots of lives.

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