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Ghosts. Are they real? What is real? My dictionary says this is the definition of real: existent or pertaining to the existent as opposed to the nonexistent. How do we know it exists? Because people see it. Everyone? No. People born blind can't see rainbows, but we know they exist. According to PressTelegram.Com 1 in 4 people have claimed to have seen ghosts. So surely they must be real. But what are they? Lost souls? Demons trying to fool us? Possibly. But I have my own idea. Just a thought. I say they are recordings. Yeah. Recording isn't a man made thing. Man never invented anything on his own. He stole every idea from nature. Think about it. Ever had an image stuck in your head? Or dreamed? Those are visual recordings. What about an echo? You yell out something, and you hear your own voice call back. Hello. Recording. How these things are recorded I'm not exactly sure. I've got a few ideas.

First one is chemical reactions in nature. If you still use a film camera (35mm whatever), there is a chemical reaction that takes place to produce your pictures, to make images appear. Ok. Lets say nature does the same thing. Under the right circumstances you could have your picture taken by "nature". But then wouldn't we see people all over? No. There would have to be certain things that would have to occur. The right chemicals to be in place, lighting, possibly some kind of radiation from the suns solar flares. And opportunity. Who would have the best opportunity? Someone who did something many times over and over. Which would be why people claim to see ghosts that seem to be stuck in an event. And as we all know, taking a picture with a film camera doesn't allow you to see images. You need to process your film. This involves more chemical reactions in order for you to see your images. The same would be true for nature. You can't see the images unless certain things occur for you to be able to see them. Wanna know how to get rid of ghosts? Clean your house. Yeah. Actually people have said ghost activity stopped when they clean their house. Odd.

That's my first idea. This next one is not so well thought out. Just a quick thought that popped into my head, still working on the details really. "Genetic Memory" DNA. Its what makes us who we are. Your hair, eye color, etc etc. I think not only traits are recorded in that DNA, but events in one's life. Things you've seen in a dream. Maybe an ancestor saw the same thing. That strong connection you feel with someone. Maybe an ancestor had the same connection to one of their ancestors. So maybe, when you see a ghost, its actually something that an ancestor witnessed playing back for you to see. Like a lost thought that just suddenly pops into your head.

So far I haven't discussed sound at all. People claim to hear thumps, crying, screaming, laughing. What about the sounds? Well This last one is very simple, and I think it will explain the sounds. Sound waves. Sound waves and light waves are how visual and sound information is passed from one object to the next. These waves don't disappear. They bounce from one item to the next. Eh? Eh? Who knows.

Anyway, these are just thoughts. Maybe ghosts are simply spirits. Or people on the other side. But for many people, whatever they may be, they are real.

Oh. One more thing.  If ghosts are spirits, are we all white inside?  If they're people from the other side, where are the dark skinned ghosts?  Seriously.   Has anyone seen a picture of a black ghost?  White ghosts, asians; yeah sure.  But dark skinned people?  No.  If you have a pic of a dark skinned ghost please post it here.

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