Delicious Designs

They say that sex is on the minds of people most hours of the day, especially of the minds of men. This is false. It's food. But can you put the 2 things together? Of course you can. Check out these designs using unconventional design materials such as food used to build sexy wearable fashion.

Artichoke Heart Gown
creator: photographer Ted Sabarese with designers Daniel Field and Wesley Naught of Project Runway.

It took the designers 6 hours to hand sew hundreds of artichoke hearts onto the model in the form of a dress. "Snap the pictures! I have to pee."

Chocolate Dress
creator: German bakery group "Lambertz"

Made of 100% solid chocolate created for a show in Munich on January 2010. Here it is worn by German model Alena Gerber. I'ld eat it.

Cream Puff Dress
creator: Ukranian pastry chef Valentyn Shtefano

1,500 creampuffs weighing 20 pounds went into making Mrs. Shtefano's wedding dress. It took Valentyn over 2 months to create the dress. I'm not sure why it would take so long to stick some food together. Maybe he kept eating them.

Lettuce Dress
creator: Project Runway season 4 finalist Chris March

With just $50.00 in hand Chris March set out to win the uncoventional design challenge of Project Runway season 4 by shopping for lettuce. For his efforts he recieved a delicious contract with Wish Bone for their spray-bottle salad dressing ad campaign.

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