The World's Largest Cookie

largest cookie immaculate baking co

That's not Area 51 on Google Earth. That's a giant freaking cookie. Chocolate chunk to be precise. And to be even more precise it has 6,000 lbs. of chocolate chunks. Wow. That's chunkier than my ex's underwear. At 40,000 lbs. with a diameter of 102 feet it is the largest cookie in the world.

Why would someone decide to make such a large cookie? Well first of all for attention. And if you're a cookie company like "Immaculate Baking Co." then a giant cookie is what you need. They of course said it was to raise awareness for the "Folk Artist Foundation". (The who? Hi my Name is Wilted Bumble Bee, and I like tacky Native American Art.) This thing has hippy fest written all over it. Come on. "Folk Artist" with baked goods.

There's so much more to tell with a giant cookie, but I'll leave the rest of this tale of to the Immaculate Baking Co.


  1. through my research this is the biggest cookie I could find. There's other's that claim to be the biggest, but when you do a comparison you can see that this is actually the biggest. but if you have proof of a bigger cookie then please post the link.

  2. lol there is a link there i missed it. right in your comment, and dude it's the same cookie.