The Largest Plane

largest plane antonov av 225

The Antonov An-225 designed in the 1980s, is the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world. Primary role: Strategic lifter.

The Ukrainian Antonov An-225 is the largest aircraft in the world, and has been since the first one was produced in 1988. There have been claims that other aircraft are the largest like the A380, but these are all false information. The A380 is actually smaller than the 747 Continental, which is only the 2nd largest plane.

In the early 1980s the Antonov Design Bureau began working on a design based on the Antonov An-124 Ruslan. On December 21, 1988 the first An-225 was completed. The aircraft has since been used by not just the Soviet Union, but also the United States. Its service includes cargo transport, military transport, humanitarian aid efforts, and transportation of the Buran space shuttle.

Its dimensions are 59.3 ft high, 275.6 ft long, a wingspan of 290 ft and 2 in, and weighs 628,315 lbs empty. Its maximum speed is 530 mph, its ceiling height is 36,100 ft, and its maximum fuel range is 9,570 mi. It is the holder of 240 world records.

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