The Largest Pool

the largest swimming pool san alfonso del mar algarrobo chile

San Alfonso del Mar Algarrobo, Chile. The largest swimming pool in the world.

The largest swimming pool in the world belongs to the San Alfonso del Mar beach resort in Algarrobo, Chile. The pool is 1,000 meters long and goes up to 115 feet deep. And here's some more numbers for you. This 19 acre pool holds 66,000,000 gallons of water. Whoa. The San Alfonso pool was developed by a Chilean company called "Crystal Lagoons" for a price of about $2 billion.

Since this man made beach sits just a few feet away from the real beach I think it's a complete waste of money. Sure it's cool. It's freaking awesome. But it would be a lot smarter to have it more inland. You know, so people who don't have easy access to a beach can still have the beach experience.

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