Dreams Are Not For Beds

Don't let them turn out the light,
Your dreams will fade away,
They come like a thief in the night,
A spoiled child's game they play,
To turn your world upside down,
For selfish reasons in their heads,
Keep the flame where it cannot be found,
My dear love, dreams are not for beds.

Treasures await those who have the key,
Of hope for doing the will of love,
One half in you and the other in me,
A light from the highest beam above,
Placed deep within what no one else can give,
Some winds can turn blues to reds,
This one cries out 'let me live',
My dear love, dreams are not for beds.

It is not for us to know when or where,
How is not really up to you,
Glory waits for those who should dare,
Only a leap of faith will do,
But you must not ever close your eyes,
For this can only be seen if you are awake,
Don't believe the jealous lies,
Of a walking, talking snake,
Because when the time is finally right,
This creature's skin will be shed,
Then it will be revealed by light,
My dear love, that dreams are not for beds.

To my precious wife Shiena. I love you. Febuary 02, 2011

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