Another Fashion Fail Post

Have It My Way...Or Else
yeah boss you look like a king or something

Napkin Head
um there's a freaking giant napkin on your head.
and p.s. those clothes are poorly sewn and don't fit you
Everybody Run!
where are they now: bozo the clown
This is effing scary shit right ere. When I see something like this waddling my way I am thinking 2 things. Hella drugs and serial killer. Run! I can understand some people are "unique" and a little "colorful" but who the freak carries around a toy phone over the age of 5? Who are you calling on your toy phone? And the aggressive  walk with the mouth hanging open screams "I'm coming for your meat!" Run away!

Just Say No
you know she has to know her fat back is hanging out.
does she really think she's sexy?
the first rule about manwhoring is fat chicks are a go.
i'm not sure what a tranny has to do with manwhoring

You Can't Unsee This
where is your shirt woman?
biker dude give her your shirt. you don't need one. you're a biker dude.
i like how as soon as the camera comes out the biker dude in the f.b.i. shirts
starts walking away from the crazy woman
in the green pants and droopy boobs like "i'm not with her"

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