Ninja Stuff

looks like a salad to me

you're doing it wrong. oh so wrong

black ipod hello

which one?  I see 7 ninjas in this picture

that's not regulation ninja underwear

no matter how much you accomplish in life you will never be as awesome as this

ninjas don't knock

ninjas always get a hole in one

ninja rule #1: never be seen

and there's probably pirates on that boat

Ninjas: There are 4 in this picture.

sneaky horse
When you hear the sound of wind blowing past your ear it will be too late. 360 hoof kick (2,000 times). You know him as Mister Ed, but in the Ninja world he's known as Master Ed. 
no one ever sees when you do this

que? no hablo espanol? I will translate. boobs.

how many times have i done this? let me count 1,2,3,4........

this awesome moment has never happened to me before

he moves through the crowd like the wind

what exactly did he just catch? did an egg fall out of the sky?

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