Operation Cheese Burger

north korean commander chu long dong goes over operation cheeszebuger

Kim Jong Un (aka mini me) is hungry, and he demands food. The North Korean leader has threatened to "burn South Korean in 4 minutes" if he the U.S. does not give him food. The U.S. halted food aid to the NK after the failed country broke their agreement to stop bullying its neighbors in exchange for food. This after China applauded Kim Jong Un's leadership skills. Seriously? Any hope that America and the rest of the world had for a start toward peace in the region is now flown right out the window. I say set a few cheeseburgers on a plate under a big box (pretty big box he's a big one), and then when he grabs for the burgers, pull the string and wham! You've got yourself a real live dictator. Seriously though would someone just go in there and take that brat by the ears and give him a good spanking? 

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