Bear Vs. Mountain Lion Attack (haters gonna hate)

robert biggs
Okay so one day Robert Biggs (the dude in the photo) was hiking through the woods in California, when suddenly....dun. dun. dun. He was attacked by a ferocious mountain lion. It grabbed onto his backpack and clawed at him. But then here comes a bear to save the day. The bear fought off the mountain lion saving Robert Biggs life. Or at least that's the story Mr. Biggs tells.
A pretty amazing story.

And then comes along the news  (Andy Cambell) to ruin it for everyone see story here at The haters aren't buying Biggs' story, and want to prove the 69 year old is a liar. Seriously? You have nothing better to do?

"Mountain lions don't scratch," Department Communications Manager Kirsten Macintyre told The Huffington Post." - source

WTF? Mountain lions don't scratch? Let's see what is a mountain lion? A cat. And what do cats do? Scratch. All cats scratch. How do stupid people find these jobs? Seriously. But wait there's more.

"We do not believe there was a mountain lion," Macintyre said.

Why should we believe you? You think mountain lions don't scratch. This reminds me of when people started reporting mountain lion attacks in California but the "officials" were saying it was a hoax, and claiming there was no mountain lions in the area. And then more attacks, until someone got a video proving it.

WTF is up with California's park service? Do they even know what a mountain lion is? Do they know anything about animals?

All the crappy news about violence and bad economies  and some old man has this wonderful story about how a bear saved his life, and then the man comes to ruin it.

Mr. Biggs. I believe you.

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