Driving Me Crazy

The following story was stolen from Yahoo News, which they stole from the AP, which they stole from the Saudi News.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — A report given to a high-level advisory group in Saudi Arabia claims that allowing women in the kingdom to drive could encourage premarital sex, a rights activist said Saturday. (source )

According to this report allowing females to drive increases the risk of people having sex. Oh my. This comes as a blow to women in the country of Saudi  Arabia who just started to get many rights taken for granted by men only for way too long.  The group responsible for the report is putting pressure on the ruling family to keep females from driving.

Now being from America where women have been driving since cars were first introduced to the country I can understand why they would want to keep females from driving. But their report is complete b.s. Anyone that's been on the road with female drivers knows that it does not increase sexual activity. If anything it makes you want to get as far away from them as possible. Almost getting killed by a chick in her boyfriend's over-sized SUV, because she doesn't know how to use her mirrors, turn signal, or manners doesn't get me excited. Of course this is America. Middle Eastern males seem to get excited over anything.

In the end it comes down to if the Saudi Royal family is going to be bullied, or show their power. All joking aside,  giving rights to women will only take their country forward. And isn't it about time the Middle East stepped out of the stone age?

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