Cat's In The Cradle

This cat has more money than you'll probably ever see.
Once again some crazy rich lady leaves millions to her pet. Maria Assunta, the wife of a real estate tycoon passed away leaving her cat "Tommasso" $13 million. I'll spare you the rest of the boring story, but if you're interested here it is: Stupid rich people stop giving your pets all your money. I understand you love your pet, but do you really think you're pet is going to get all that money? A cat doesn't have rights like a human. It can't speak for itself. You're money is really going to some stranger. Probably your lawyer. And hello. What a selfish douche. Leave the money to someone that really needs it, and have them take care of your cat. How long do you think that cat is going to live anyway? Did you think it was going to pass it down to its kitties? Retard.

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