Keep It Simple

This is for my fellow bloggers, and all future bloggers. So that you may have a better start. Keep it simple stupid. That is the biggest lesson I've learned along the way with this blog. You see when I started this blog it was simple. No fancy graphics. No gadgets. Just your basic blogger blog.

I posted funny pictures, and love poems. That's all. No stories or information of any kind. My average visits per a day was around 2,000. That may not seem like a lot, but how any blogs do you know of getting that many views a day? Most blogs are lucky to reach a hundred. I wouldn't post for weeks, and still everyday my views were around 2,000.

But I wanted more. I didn't want to be patient. I needed this thing to blow up quick. So I searched the net for tips and tricks on how to get my blog viral. I was told get your own domain. People don't like blogs that are from Blogspot. I was also told that I needed stories. And I was told I needed a more professional looking layout. So I did all that. I bought a domain name. I got a professional looking layout, and I started adding story after story. I couldn't wait to see how this was going to pay off.

They were wrong. My views went way down, and the people that did come were leaving just as fast. The blog was boring. It had the same kind of content I had before, just no one wanted to look around. Then yesterday I couldn't take it anymore. I got rid of the fancy layout. I went back to the basic blogger layout. Instantly there was a change. The views were going up. People were spending more time on the blog and looking around. And people were sharing my content.

So the lesson is don't listen to these so called blog experts. Blog about the things that interest you. And keep it simple.

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