The Fastest Train In The World

Sometimes to move forward you need to go backwards. In today's fast paced society where you need things done right now speed is the key. The faster you can get things done the better. That's why we've moved from sending to mail to instant messaging over the internet, and from trains to jets. For decades now jet planes have enabled people to get from one place to another faster.

But with new discoveries we can take old tech and make it new tech. And that's what many countries have been working on. Thanks to advancements in electromagnetic tech we are now able to make trains that move near the speed of a jet. And with further testing trains will soon go much faster than the fastest jet.

Currently the world's fastest train is the JR-Maglev train in Japan. It uses magnetic levitation combined with electromagnetic propulsion to move the train with no track friction, which enables the train to move at high speeds. The average speed for one of these types of trains is 300+ kmh. The Maglev train in Germany reaches speeds of over 400 kmh. But recently the Maglev train in Japan reached a record breaking speed of 581 kmh.

Other countries like China have beaten Japan to move from the testing stage to the public use stage, but like the saying goes "Better things come to those who wait." Japan is still testing to make it's train faster, safer, and more economical. When released Japan will have transportation to rival the world. See the video below to learn more.

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