I've got to give some cred to my new friends at Blue Sky Scrubs. They hooked me up. You see me and Shiena have been working on this film. Nothing block buster you know, but we're having some fun. Anyway, in this film a virus breaks out in this dentists office and yadda, yadda... lots of blood. We needed a lot of dentist scrubs since fake blood is harder to get out then a skid mark in your grandmother's bloomers.

I searched online for dentist scrubs and came to They had everything I needed and more. I wasn't sure if they could do large orders. So I called, and spoke with a very friendly "Susan" in customer service. She answered all my questions, and gave me a great deal. I was extremely pleased.

of course I realize that not all of you are making a movie. And probably even less than you are in need of scrubs for a movie. But I know of a few dentists that read this blog, and maybe there's more. If you're looking for medical scrubs then check out Blue Sky Scrubs. Just click the link.