New Dog Old Rug

Close call today. A friend of a friend is selling his rug. I forget the name, but it's from Turkey. Anyway, I offered to take some pictures of it. He agreed and let me take it under my word that I would be extremely careful. Out of curiousity I asked him how much it was worth. He told me more than I make in a year. Yikes.

So I got it to my house, and snapped some shots before the phone rang. It was the guy calling to check up. I told him I was snapping shots, and I would email them as soon as I was done. When I hung up I heard what sounded like running water. Odd.There's no sink in here. What is that? Oh, it's just the dog peeing on the rug. "Noooo!"

Immediately I searched for rug cleaning companies austin, and started making calls. In no time I had the rug clean, and finished the shots. Before sending the rug back I inspected it. Wow. They did a wonderful job. I definitely recommend them to anyone with an emergency like mine. is the link if you ever need it.