Lunch Recipes

Contributed by Milford Woods

The other day while I was waiting on the Direct tv new Philadelphia OH technician to arrive and install our cable, I decided to experiment in the kitchen. I usually make a large batch of something on the weekend so that I have a cheap and healthy lunch to take all week long. During the summer, I just keep salad fixings in the refrigerator and whip up a salad each morning – generally it’s strawberries, almonds, and cottage cheese. However, I got tired of eating that every single week, so I found a recipe for curry chicken salad and made a few changes to make it healthier. I used all white meat chicken, didn’t add any salt, used walnuts instead of pecans, and substituted half of the mayonnaise for fat free Greek yogurt. It also has green onions, celery, black pepper, and curry powder. I decided to put it on a low carb wrap with lettuce; it was amazing! Since the colder months are coming up, when I get tired of this recipe, I’ll move on to my old trusty standby – chili.