The Largest Cinema Screen

The LG IMAX Theatre holds the largest cinema screen in the world. It is 8 stories high. The title of the world's largest cinema screen currently goes to the LG IMAX Theatre in Darling Harbor Sydney, Australia. It has a viewing screen that is 29.42 meters high by 35.73 meters wide. That's 1,015 square meters. Using normal 35mm film the picture would be of poor quality on a screen this large, but for this screen IMAX film is used, which is 70mm. This gives it an outstanding high definition clarity at even very large viewings. The screen takes up the entire field of human vision to completely immerse the viewer in the movie. Add in the 3D feature with the 15,000 watt surround sound system, and you really feel as if you are right there in the middle of the action.

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