To All Who Were There Before Me

I know I shouldn't tease the dumb,
For they cannot help it,
I know it's mean to laugh and poke fun,
But I just cannot help it.

You have to be the dumbest person ever to be born,
The biggest idiot to breathe air,
I would point my finger in scorn,
But for you I do not care.

You had it all,
The most beautiful girl,
You were a king,
She is the queen of amazing girls.

She would have done anything for you,
She could have made you so happy,
She would have made you so proud,
You're a douche,
You're the pauper of poo.

I bet you wish you could take it all back,
I hope you cry yourself to sleep,
But out of sympathy I will tell you this secret,
The truth is in the end jerks lose.

To my (In Your Face!) wife Shiena. I love you. February 4, 2011

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