Peace and love surround her,
Inspiration is her name,
There is treasure in her eyes,
And hope on her lips,
With just a whisper she commands your soul,
With just a touch your wounds are healed,
And at a glance your knees get weak,
She has no equal that you know of,
But she serves the lowest of the low,
She is merciful and kind,
But she can make armies tremble in fear,
To know her is to forget yourself,
To speak with her is to speak with angels,
To sit with her is to sit with kings,
To eat with her is to be in heaven,
God's own angel guards her,
Ten thousand more behind him,
Her ordinary is extrodinary,
Her beauty runs deeper than the sky,
Everday I see her,
And everyday I am amazed.

To my inspirational wife Shiena. I love you. February 3, 2011

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