My Love

How do you describe the undescribable,
Or explain the unexplainable,
To make you understand what you have never known,
Make you see what you've never seen,
To tell you of things you've never heard?

I might as well point out a sunrise to the blind,
I might as well give a deaf child a radio,
There is more hope for them to know these things,
To imagine what they could possibly be,
These things that have been known by many,
These things so tellable.

This is my love of which you have never experienced,
Nor anyone you have ever spoken to,
Not one soul that has ever walked this earth,
The smallest details will leave you lost,
Wondering around for eternity in your mind,
Trying to make sense of it,
This thing your mind could not possibly grasp.

Imagine the most gorgeous person you've ever seen,
The most beautiful scenery you have ever witnessed,
Imagine the rarest gem you have ever laid your eyes upon,
Imagine the loveliest music you have ever heard,
The best dream you have ever had,
The one where you never want to wake up.

This is not even close,
Not comparable in the least,
This is not so much as a glimpse of my love.

When you hear the name Shiena don't hestitate,
Don't stop to think,
A second too slow and you will be too late,
Turn and look with your hand shading your eyes,
Don't dare to blink your dusty eyes,
This is my love.

To my gorgeous wife Shiena. I love you. January, 30, 2011

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