The Man Bra

U.S. Patent #6846220

Description: "An abdominal support which includes a pair of shoulder and back straps, each of which passes over one of the wearers shoulders, crosses over the wearer's upper back, and connects to the other shoulder and back strap at the wearer's side; a sling support is secured to each shoulder and back strap at or adjacent the wearers side and a support sling extends from one sling support to the other, passing beneath the wearer's abdomen in use; the sling incorporates length adjusters."
See patent file.

Inventor: Wendy May (Oxford, R.D., NZ)
Filed on: September 2, 2003

Exercising is a thing of the past with the manbra (by: PhatFoccer). Now you can enjoy the things you like doing (pie eating contest), without worrying about your fat rolls flopping around (unless you were going for that).

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