WTF Wednesday: Products

it's what i've always wanted

i always wondered what the sperm banks did with the bad ones

i heard it's crappy

so what happens when they get dry again?

dreams don't always turn out the way you expect them to

once you pop you can't stop

so sweet

Mmmm Tranny Honey. Made at your local disco club by real live trannies. For all you biscuit eaters out there who like it both ways. This product is actually Transmission oil. Just poor choice of words.
where does this go?

How do you make a girl smile? Stick a long rubber tube thing in her. I'm not sure exactly where you put it though. Judging by the first girl's face it's somewhere unpleasant, and then it looks like after awhile she got use to it.
mamma mia

Oh no. Your Italian in-laws are coming over, and the last time you met them you told them how much you love Italian food. But you haven't ate anything even remotely Italian in the last few weeks. Now they'll know you're a fraud. What do you do? Introducing Hearty Italian Style Meatball Bubble Gum. Pop one in and let your in-laws get a whiff of that home made Italian style meatball.
it's so big

Hey now. Maybe it means big cat. In some places snacking on a big cat is a delicacy. I wonder if this big cat comes with its own dip too.
for those hard to reach places

Oh noes. The fanny floss got stuck in her hair. Why would you need to floss your butt? If you can't clean it like a normal person then there's maybe some other issue you might want to take care of first. If it's for wiping your butt well it's already been invented and it's called "toilet paper".
start them young someone always says

yummy unicorn meat
You haven't lived until you've had unicorn meat. WTF? Where did you find a unicorn? Is that sprinkles?

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