Moustair Celebrity Edition

c lo green moustair
What's a guy got to do to impress a chick? Grow a moustair. So this is what he looks like with hair. Keep it shaved.
i'm not only the president i'm also a client
So that's where they get the hair from. This guys mustache looks almost like the hair on his head. Mystery solved.
robin williams moustair
Robin Williams moutair looks kind of like that one fat gay comedian guy.  What's his name? With the little head, weird hairdo and glasses?

dennis hopper moustair
Why is Dennis Hopper throwing the king of clubs at me? And also why is he winking at me? This is uncomfortable.
i wonder if he flapped that stache would he take off?
clean cut hair and polo shirt so business, but then the crazy mustache.  why doesn't the other mustache look the same? did the smaller head  get a trim? (i have no idea who this is)

sam elliot's moustair

sam elliot's fine moustair is probably what his hair actually looks like under that hat. that's pure mustache craftsmanship right there. 
john travolta's moustair

john travolta's moustair reminds me of a friar. Friar John. Also sorta looks like that Pauly guy from that show that probably doesn't exist anymore....what is it? Something with ridiculous looking motorcycles and fighting rednecks.
hulk hogan's moustair
hulk hogan's moustair gives us a glimpse into the future. maybe in the year 3023 the bowl cut with extra thick pork chops will be all the rage on unitinu.

paul teutul moustair
If I had a moustair like that I'ld be angry all the time too. This is probably what he looked like back in the 70's though. 

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