Stupid Hair

We've all had our bad hairday. Some of us have had a bad hair year. I can think of many stupid hairstyles that I've had growing up in the 80's. Rat tail, flat top, initials carved in the back, faded sides. But then I realized how ridiculous I looked like that and I stopped it. Many people still today are walking around with bad hair, and may not be aware of it. So here are some examples.  

the bonnet

the bonnet to neck beard

half fro

the greasy chicken wing

the derp cap

the trying to be funny

the 2 face

the i'm too old for this hair

the king of combovers

the dirty monk

the buy 1 get 1 free

the jesus gonzales

the toolbag

the overdone joke

the hairhat he balding?

the birds nest

the dredlock (wash your smelly hair)

the rat tail

the weavehawk

the lizard tail

the greasy monk

the bad choice 

the reverse mohawk slash wolverine

all the hair styles!

the dyke clown 
the i fell asleep

the lost bet


  1. Oh my... HAHAHA! That is some CRAZY hairstyles!!!