Kim Jong Un Assassinated

kim jong un with his generals

This just in. Kim Jong Un may or may not have been assassinated. A rumor according to U.S. officials, but fact according to several eye witnesses in the area .
Several Chinese bloggers have reported that Kim Jong Un has been assassinated. When a Chinese student on Twitter commented about the abnormally large amount of North Korean government vehicles at the Beijing embassy. A person claiming to work near the area with insider information claimed that he had been assassinated by gun men, and now the news is being covered up to keep North Korea under control. Another source claims that armed gun men walked into his room at night and shot him. U.S. officials are claiming it is a hoax, but being that the U.S. has no inside information on North Korea like the Chinese do, I'm going to say that this rumor could very well be true. Not sure if any of this has to do with the failed rocket launch that Kim Jong Un admitted to. 

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