Hipster Map

hipsters don't see other hipsters that's why there's so many of them

Hipster News Alert: Warning Level: Red.  Hipster still the number 1 threat to Americans. For those of you trying to avoid hipster zombies good news. Yahoo has made a list of  U.S. cities with the most hipsters. So when traveling you might want to avoid these places. Also if you live in hipster territory consider moving.

1. Seattle (well no shit there. everyone knows hipsters flooded that place after the first net rush)
2. Portland, Oregon (there's so many hipsters in Seattle some had to wait outside in Portland)
3. San Francisco (i think you're confusing hipsters with gays, but okay)
4. New Orleans (huh? population of New Orleans mumbling white people and ghetto blacks)
5.  Portland, Main (why Portland? I had no idea hipster loved to fish. huh)
6. Providence, R.I. (what? you mean the 1 hipster guy there? )
7. Austin, Texas (cowboy hipsters?)
8. San Juan, Puerto Rico (wait a tic! that's not an American City.  Or is it? I'll have to add another star onto my flag)
9. Philadelphia (it's true. they love cream cheese)
10. Denver (makes sense. hipsters do like to dress layered.)

Okay so the list isn't exactly accurate as it was written by someone who apparently doesn't know what a hipster is or U.S. cities, but still. Just to be safe avoid these areas.  

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