Calling All Bloggers and Facebookers

I have an urgent request for my fellow bloggers and facebookers.

Please keep reading.

My situation is desperate. Not for myself, but for people that I love. My brother in law was hit by a drunk driver last week and is in critical condition at the hospital and today his dad (my wife's dad) went to the hospital. They can't pay all the medical bills. We're all doing what we can, but what we have not enough.

Please read on.

Recently I ran into some financial problems after marrying my wife who is Filipino. I had no where to go. Her family took me in with no complaints. They fed me. They gave me clothes, medicine, whatever I needed. I was a complete stranger to them, and they did this for me.

Today I held my father in law in my arms waiting for the ambulance. He had no pulse and wasn't breathing. His skin was so cold. I stayed strong and didn't cry for my wife and her family, but now I can't hold it in any longer. I love these people. My dad and my brother. They are my family. I will do anything for them.

So if anyone out there can help. I would greatly appreciate it. It can be any amount. There is no amount too small. And if you can't help financially then please like this post and spread the word. Message me on facebook with any questions you have.

Thank you to everyone in advance. Please like this and spread the word.

the facebook profile is!/iloveshiena


  1. status update: both are still critical. Sherwin is being looked at because the doctor found some blood leaking from his head. He's trying to move, but the doctors don't want him to move in his condition. Daddy's breathing is improving, and his heart rate is stable, but his blood pressure is still low. They need to do some work on his brain because he's unresponsive. Please keep praying for them and the rest of our family. Message me at the link above with questions or if you want to help. Share this page and spread the word. God Bless You all.

  2. hi mike! you dont know me but im friends with your wife shiena and her sister sharon.. we have been friends since college.. i have been trying to get in touch with all our college friends for support. I repost your blog if you dont mind on my fb wall to get more help and support from others.. Thank you so much for loving them this much! We all appreciate it!

  3. thank you so much Jham. It was good meeting you. Sorry we didnt really get to talk. so stressed out lately. I dont know if im here or there. sure well meet again and ill actually try to speak lol thank you again Jham.

  4. Update: Daddy will be missed but not ever forgotten. In his last moments he made one last act of selflessness for his family. R.I.P. No matter what anyone says this was a man who truly loved his family. He was sick and the doctors said he wouldn't live long, but he struggled on to raise his 3 children all by himself. But at last his heart broken from the tragedy that came upon his son by an individual who chose to be reckless and uncaring was too much for him.

    To all of our friends out there thank you so much for all of your support, and when I say friends I mean family. We don't have friends. We have family.

    What would daddy want us to do? To not let his sacrifice be in vain. We must do all we can for Wawin. Please share this post and spread the word. If you want to help out with a donation click the link in the post, and send me a message.