Gay Lord Trucker

Take a good hard look at this picture? Do you know what this is? You in the back with the huge holes in your ears and all the mascara. The 2 douches from "Twilight"?  No. It's the 2 douches from "Gaylight". You see the chick has become the man, and the man has become a chick. What we have here is sexual exploration. Wow.   These 2 look ridiculous don't they? Well so do you. Every single one of you. You're so gay and retarded. 

"I don't appreciate you making comments about gay people. We've had it so bad, and it's time to stop the hate." WTF? Bullshit. Gay people are the bullies. You're so fake with your whining. Oh we want equal rights Equal rights? You already have more rights than everyone else. Examples. A straight person shows affection in public they can be arrested. A gay person makes out and proceeds to go to town on each other in front of school kids and it's just. "Hey I totally support you." No one dares to stop them, because then they'll label you a homophobe, and everyone will hate you. Gay people can have naked village people parades with dildos on their heads, and people act like it's normal. A straight person has a parade where someone wears a bikini, and "Oh no, this is outrageous. So sexist."

"We want the right to get married." No you don't. Liar. You've already proven it's not about a loving relationship. You were offered a civil union. You rejected it Because you want it to be called marriage. Well I'm sorry but marriage is a religious thing. (Sorry atheist idiots, but it is), and under the law there is seperation of Church and State. The government cannot force the church to marry you, which by the gay union is against every major religion. You don't like it? Boo hoo get the hell over it. No one asked you to be in the club. It's about having power over people, and tax benefits. That's all. Raise kids? Are you serious? LMFAO.

Why am I saying all this? Am I just some homophobe right wing republican Christian zionist hatemonger masochist, fascist nazi, out to kill dolphins and bunny rabbits? No and yes. But that's neither here nor there. I'm saying this because you're fake. There are some people out there who are pretty damn gay. And you idiots are making them look bad. Gay isn't a fad. (But you've made it one). Stop with the lies. You can't be born gay. It's a choice. It's your choice, but you need to make it on your own. Stop doing what everyone else is doing you mindless zombies. If you're not gay, admit it, and start acting freaking normal. 

Okay that's enough I really had nothing. I can't believe I managed to stretch this thing out so long. I'm a rocket man.


  1. you are a close minded fucking idiot. you're saying gay people are the bullies when you are the one openly bashing on them because of a swapped faced picture of twilight? is that a joke? twilight is a shitty movie loosely based on vampires, it has nothing to do at all with gay people which tells me that all you wanted to do was find some bullshit reason to sit at your computer alone like always and tell people how you feel about gay people. you are not a "rocket man" you're an arrogant prick who hates an entire group of people for fighting for their rights. are you also racist? or sexist? do you hate every person from history? remember how there was a war to help YOU get YOUR rights today? think before you speak you dumbass homophobe. and for the record, i ADORE the huge holes in my ears and i happen to be a straight girl who hates twilight. so fuck you, you stupid fuck.

  2. I think he has a point there. Marriage is in fact a religious union an if that particular religion doesn't support gays then looks like your s.o.l. buddy. Another thing is he's also correct about the parades. They can be slightly obscene like that and my little sister is allowed to see how they dress and act with an odd look on her face because she doesn't understand. Hey man I didn't ask you what you were and what's wrong with you or whatever, so stop shoving it down my face! If you want a tax cut cause your married or whatever yeah that's on you. But don't hate the Church and people that are outspoken about their "anti-gay" beliefs, then go marching down the street wearing nothing but a leather thong and telling me I have to accept your ways. You wanna know the truth? Here's a little truth for ya, I have a few friends who are gay and guess what, I don't give a shit. As long as they don't hurt me or insult my intelligence because I feel that my God is right then do whatever you fuckin want man. But who I'm sick of more is loud mouth people who go around and call people like me and the author here narrow minded because he's voicing his opinion online, the same way gays and pro gay people are. So don't tell him to fuck a matter of fact since your the narrow minded,censoring,"just shut up cause I don't agree with you" person telling him to fuck!

  3. Oh and another thing too these two lesbians were making out in front of a child on he bus...why did I cringe because whether your gay or straight I don't want see that and I don't think kids should be subjected to it either and again...fuck you.

  4. I am the author of this post. I would just like to state for the record that I do not hate gay people. I hate hypocrisy. Yes I know the picture is a joke. The post wasn't meant to be taken so seriously. If you see at the end it says "I'm a rocket man" Come on the gayest man in the world is Elton John. lol. This post is not for all gay people obviously. Its for the ones that shove their beliefs down everyone throats. You don't like when Christians do it (neither do I), so stop doing it. But thanks for the comments. I never get any comments. I need to post more stuff to piss people off.