Time Travel For Beginners

"Is time travel possible daddy?" (that's what your imaginary kid just asked you)

Answer: Are you serious? Why would you waste my time and yours simultaneously like that? Well for those wondering I have attempted in the most simple way possible to explain this. If you have any questions after reading this, just put your arm up, and wait till you are called upon.

No. You can't go to the past because it's already gone,and you can't go to the future because it hasn't happened yet. There are no dimensions of time and space. It's an interesting thought, and nice to day dream about the possibilities of such a thing. But it is not reality.

In order for you to be able to go back in time there would need to be a piece of you left in every moment of time. The smallest fractions of time. Imagine what that would look like. Because it would be visible with that much of you breaking off. You would be like a blur of light or gas. Probably something like a ghost or soul.

You can't go back into the past, because then it would change the present, and the present can't be changed unless you are there. The past effects the present. And you can't go into the future, because the present effects the future, and if you're not in the present then there is no future. You can only exist where you are at right now.

Any questions?

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