This Comes Out There?

this comes out there
Yesterday I joined this site called to try to promote redhotpogo, and I posted this pic. When I woke up this morning I was surprised to learn that the pic had made into the site's top 20. Wow. A complete newb making the top 20. So happy for my tiny accomplishment. My stats are +1439 thumbs up, 32,172 views, 248 comments, and 70 people have favorited it. Of course those stats will change as more people view it. Check out the stats here>>>

Additionally I would like to state that any of my fellow FunnyJunkers who would like to promote their content here can. Just click the contact button, and add your links, a picture, whatever, and it will get posted on this blog and promoted.

PS- This post is so old. Move along. 

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