Reality TV Sucks

Seriously why? Haven't we had enough of this reality t.v. crap. It's not even reality. These shows are about as real as WWE wrestling. They're scripted. Do you think they would actually let people just do whatever they want and film it? We would just be watching people sitting around. "Hey."......."Hey."..................."What's up?"..."Not much."............................"Yeah." But maybe it's just me. I mean there has to be a lot of people watching these things for the networks to keep making them right? Or do the networks just not care what people want to watch, and just play whatever they want? Kind of like how the radio people forced Justin Beiber on us. The only thing worse than a reality t.v. show would be a reality t.v. show about Justin Beefer.

Bring back the fantasy shows. The funny shows. The shows that make us forget about our miserable lives, and let us dream. These reality shows are just drama, drama, and more of your mama. If I wanted drama I would stand in the middle of a busy street. I guess there's some good in it though. If we have to look at all sides of this thing. There are people learning new things like how many beers it takes to make a fat chick style her hair like an 80's reject, and also there's all those fat people losing weight. That's good. But it's just not good enough. Stop it already.

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