Chew On This 5

Gum. It's great. It freshens your breath, keeps kids quiet, eases your hunger, keeps your mind off of things, entertains you. It's a wonderful invention you put in your mouth. But what do you do when it runs out of flavor? Probably throw it somewhere, or stick it to something right? Reminds me of this tree at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia near the water slides. Everyone stuck gum to this tree. We called it the gum tree. Well one man had a fantastic idea about what to do with all his left over gum pieces. Recycle them. Gross. He made them into art. Maurizio Savini, is an Italian artist that makes sculptures out of chewing gum. His pieces have sold for as much as $55,000.00. Impressive. Here's some of his work.

gum sculpture man hanging

gum sculpture man praying with tie

gum sculpture poodle with alligators

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