Serial America

Henry Lee Lucas: Convicted of 11 murders, confessed to over 600, estimated actual total around 213. He died of heart failure March 13, 2001 while serving a life sentence.

America has the largest known number of serial killers in the world with nearly 200 convicted serial killers having murdered thousands of people in cold blood. California holds the state record.

I'm Afraid of Americans
The land of the free and home of the... Friggin Insane? (David Bowie shutters) America is home to some of the world's brightest minds, thus its status as "World Leader". It's position sets it up for criticism from more infamous governments with a bit of a jealousy issue. They have nick named the U.S. as the "World Police". Saying that they put their noses in others business, and act as if they control everyone. I say it is the responsibility of the most powerful nation to keep the peace, and everyone else should do their part or shutup.

But it seems that while we've been patrolling the mean streets of Earth, we have barely noticed our own back yards. We build up ourselves as a mecca for tourism. One of the safest countries (if not the safest country), which couldn't be more further from the truth. If you look at the facts the U.S. is the most dangerous country. Being an American myself I wish we were doing more to keep ourselves in check.

Cookoo For Liberty
The fight for freedom ended decades ago, but the war for anarchy still rages on. As the spread of drugs in America has polluted the minds of young and old, so have its side effects. I can't blame this alone for the decline in civility, but you can't deny it is the main factor. Freedom use to be about being able to stand up for yourself and to be safe to have your own beliefs. Keeping in mind that your freedoms must not harm others. But for the growing majority it is not enough.

We have shown what we do when we are given extra liberties, and it's not pretty. It's shameful. Will our most coveted treasure be our downfall? Are we Babylon on the verge of self-destruction? Stay tuned.


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