At some point in just about everyone's lives there is the need to be invisible. Mine was when I was in grade school. My family was poor and I was picked on a lot because of it. There were days I wish I could just turn invisible. Now that I'm older I realize what an odd thought that is. To want to be invisible for the actions of others. As if I'm ashamed of who I am, and don't want to offend others. Instead it should be the offenders who are invisible to the rest of us so they can't spread their disease.

I never understood as a child what people meant when they said that children were innocent. I wasn't innocent. I made my choices knowing what they were. Most children do. Now I realize it is just a case of the wrong choice of words. They don't mean children are innocent. They mean children are metaphorically blind. Now my eyes are open and I see why people guard their children so much.

The world in particular America has become a place where bad choices are rewarded, and those that try to do the right thing are outcasts. The worst part is these offenders have a voice. The media. When I was a kid if I were going to make someone invisible it would be the snobs and the bullies. Today it would be the media. There are no invisibility cloaks, but there is a way. If the people tune out. Stop buying what they're selling. Use common sense. Don't let Hollywood tell you how to live your life. Time to grow up. Time to put your clothes back on.

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