Blackgang Chine

The Blackgang Chine, which opened in 1843 is still operating till this very day in the Isle of Wright. Making it the oldest existing theme park in the world.

In 1843 Alexander Dabell opened the Blackgang Chine amusement park to the public, and generation after generation the Dabell family has been keeping his dream alive. Its most popular attraction is a giant whale skeleton that had washed up on the shore of Needles in 1842. However the most famous would have to be the giant "Smuggler" statue at the entrance to the park. The parks plastic dinosaurs and other cute themes attract were great enjoyment for very young children, and still bring back fond memories for the young at heart. Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint said that it was his favorite place to be as a kid. These days the park has been updated with features for kids of all ages, including a roller coast called "The Cliff Hanger" and water slides known as "Waterforce". I could go on, but I'll let you check it out for yourself. Visit their website to see all that this park has to offer.

Blackgang Chine Amusement Park